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Weingut Salwey
Appellation = Baden
Konrad Salwey
15,000 cases
Family owned and operatied since 1763
23 Hectares
Oberrotweiler Kirchberg (Weathered volcanic rock with some limestone)
Oberrotweiler Eichberg (Weathered volcanic rock and ash with some loess)
Oberrotweiler Henkenberg (Weathered volcanic rock, garnet with some loess)
Oberrotweiler Käsleberg (Loess Soil)
Glottertäler Eichberg (Weathered bedrock and Gneiss)
Decomposed Volcanic soil, Loess and Decomposed Gneiss
30 years
40% Pinot Noir
30% Pinot Gris
10% Pinot Blanc
6% Riesling
6% Silvaner
8% Other varietals
Salwey Pinot Blanc Kabinett Dry, Estate
Salwey Pinot Gris Kabinett Dry, Estate
Salwey Pinot Noir, Estate
Salwey Pinot Noir, Käsleberg
Salwey Pinot Noir, Rappen
Salwey Pinot Noir GG, Henkenberg
Salwey Pinot Noir GG, Kirchberg
Salwey Pinot Blanc GG, Henkenberg
Salwey Pinot Gris GG, Eichberg
100% Dry
50% Stainless Steel / 50% Oak
Primarily Natural yeast fermentation
Practicing Eco Friendly
Since 1972

SalweyAppellation: Baden

Salwey – Always Dry-Always Pinot!

The Salwey estate from Oberrotweil in the Kaiserstuhl area of Baden is truly a family operation, but also quite different. Beginning its third generation lead by Konrad Salwey, the estate is committed to the classic Kaiserstuhl varietals; Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Konrad is known for experimentation, to take chances with new techniques and procedures in the interest of advancing the style of vinification. His particularly strong affection and passion is reserved for Pinot Gris, truly the flagship of the estate.

The wines are always fermented completely dry and always characterized and defined by the Loess and vulcanic soil of the area. During the fermentation process nature is allowed time and space without ever leaving the process to chance. “We require the absolute highest standards in tending to our vineyards. 100% of the selection is performed by hand and fermentation is done exclusively with natural yeast mostly in big “ovals”. We avoid fining of the wines and almost always bottle without filtration.”

Faithful to the Maximum: As little as possible, as much as necessary!

The family winery is situated in Germany’s most sun-drenched region, known as the Kaiserstuhl atop an extinguished volcano not far from Switzerland and across the Rhein from Alsace.

Viticultural roots of the family date back to the 18th century. The winery, however, was founded in 1950 by Benno Salwey in Oberrotweil. In 1985 his son Wolf-Dietrich took charge. After his unexpected passing in a car accident in 2011 his eldest son Konrad assumed ownership and today is responsible for managing this 49 hectare estate. Although fully involved in the family winery since 2002, Konrad at first sorely missed the experience and wisdom of his father, though he has now developed a clear vision of the wines he wants to produce in the future.

The wines are currently divided into three quality levels.

The estate wines are produced from the three Pinot varetals. The whites are natural offered as Kabinett dry wines (never chaptalized) and the red, offered simply as estate Pinot Noir (rarely chaptalized ). The next level of quality is the RS series (RS stands for Reserve Salwey ) that will eventually evolve as Oberrotweil village wines. All are picked at Spätlese must weight.

Last but not least, are the wines from the Grosse Lage sites resulting in the following wines all sourced from primarily vulcanic soil:

Henkenberg        Pinot Noir GG

Henkenberg        Pinot Blanc GG

Henkenberg        Pinot Gris GG

Eichberg          Pinot Gris GG

Eichberg          Pinot Noir GG

Kirchberg         Pinot Blanc GG

Kirchberg         Pinot Noir Grosses Gewächs


There is also a Loess based vineyard, the Käsleberg producing a Pinot Noir of great value!

The whites are fermented in large neutral “ovals” ( 1200 – 2400l ) and the reds are aged in mostly new 228l barriques depending on the vintage. The vineyards are protected by the Vosges mountains to the West and by the Black Forest to the East. The climate is strongly influenced by the Rhein valley and the warm winds emanating from Burgundy. The goal is to produce full bodied, yet elegant wines with gentle supporting acidity. Every wine should reflect the vintage, the soil, and the climate of the vineyards.

The vineyards:

Kirchberg Grosse Lage; at 4.5 ha in size, this is one of the great vineyards in the Kaiserstuhl and almost wholly owned by Salwey. Made up of mostly of volcanic soil with some limestone inclusions. The vineyard enjoys full South, South-West exposure, bordered by a former Quarry which today serves as a nature preserve.

Henkenberg Grosse Lage; the vineyard stretches across an exposed ridge between Oberrotweil and Burkheim. It consists mostly of weathered volcanic rock, laced with Garnet and Loess. Its coarse composition offers ideal ground for growing deep rooting vines. The vineyard has South, South-West exposure and is named after gallows from medieval times.

Eichberg Grosse Lage; the name translates to Oak Mountain and it was in fact populated by oak trees in former times. The first vines were planted in 1820. It has South-East and South-West exposure and consists of weathered volcanic rock and volcanic ash with small deposits of Loess on the surface. The Salwey portion of the vineyards have South-East exposure which provide ample morning sun drying the grapes early that helps in building healthy grapes.

The Käsleberg is made up of the absolute best Loess parcels in Oberrotweil planted with very old Pinot Noir vines.

The vineyards are planted 40% to Pinot Noir, 40% to Pinot Gris, 18% to Pinot Blanc and 2% to other varietals.

In Memorial: Wolf – Dietrich Salwey a vintner and a prehistoric rock of German Wine. He was responsible for introducing us to the great dry wines of Germany and especially to the great dry wines of Baden. He will always be remembered and sorely missed. Thank you for your influence to the great wines of Baden, Germany that are where they are today due to your hard work on positive influence that continues to live on!

Salwey is a member of the VDP.

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