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Weingut Pfeffingen
Appellation = Pfalz
Doris (mom) & Jan Eymael (son) (owners)
Jan Eymael & Rainer Gabel (winemakers)
10,000 cases
Over 250 years of winemaking
17 Hectares
Ungsteiner Herrenberg
Ungsteiner Weilberg
Ungsteiner Nussriegel
Herrenberg - Limestone
Weilberg - Terra Rosa (red loam)
Nussriegel - Limestone, colored & alluvial sandstone
Herrenberg - 25yrs
Weilberg - 27yrs
Nussriegel - 20yrs
60% Riesling
15% Scheurebe
20% Pinot Noir & Pinot Blanc
Pfeffingen Riesling (Dry)
Ungsteiner Herrenberg
Ungsteiner Weilberg
Ungsteiner Nussriegel
90% Dry
10% Sweet
95% Cultured Yeast
5% Wild Yeast
Practicing Eco Friendly
Since 1985

PfeffingenAppellation: Pfalz

The estate has been part of our portfolio since 1984. In 2002 Jan Eymael took charge and through his efforts Pfeffingen is again one of the top 10 estates in the Pfalz.

The few homes that make up Pfeffingen were a starting point for settling the surrounding area circa 6th century. In 1622 Emperor Ferdinand II bestowed the family crest to the Schnell family, ancestors of the Fuhrmanns and Eymaels. The unicorn taken from the family crest is today prominently featured on the estate’s label.

Primary vineyard holdings are the Ungsteiner Herrenberg and Weilberg. The Weilberg is one of only two vineyards in Germany comprised of Terra Rossa soil (red loam) and it is planted 100% to Riesling. During the land reallocation about 30 years ago a Roman villa and press house were uncovered atop the Weilberg. The Herrenberg is comprised of chalky marl, limestone and is planted 60% to Riesling, 10% to Scheurebe, 10 % Pinot Blanc, 10% Pinot Noir and the rest other varietals.

The estate is known for its pioneering work with the Scheurebe grape, thanks mainly to Karl Fuhrmann, Jan’s grandfather. He took cuttings of Scheurebe from the neighboring Annaberg and replanted them in the Herrenberg.  Mr. Fuhrmann also carries the honorary title of Ökonomierat and in previous years was vice-president of the German Wine Growers Association.

The Pfeffingen Estate produces 10,000 cases and is a member of the VDP.

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